About SH Defence

SH Defence has served navies all over the world for more than three decades and have always been compliant with the security regulations in force.

SH Defence is a result of three decades of turnkey equipment and service solutions to various national navies, delivered by the central organisation SH Group.

The new department has its own in-house engineering department with state-of-the-art design tools, modern production facilities and test grounds operated by a highly experienced workforce with security clearance.

Custom-made equipment and retrofit solutions
The product line covers among others: launch and recovery systems for drones, diving equipment and mini-subs, winches, A-Frames, lifting decks and platforms, handling systems, hydraulic power units, steering gear and control systems, Bulkhead doors, side/bow and stern ramps and special marine cranes.

Service part
The service part covers, among others: Inspection, repair, overhaul and root cause investigations on all kind of hydraulic and electric equipment. Pre-manufacturing, mounting, flushing and pressure test of pipes and hoses, valve overhaul, In-situ machining, Laser measuring and alignment.

Founded in 1974, SH Defence currently employs about 320 qualified employees at the headquarter in Denmark.



SH D Facilities

17 Engineers

Electrical service:
Engineering / Project Management: 7 pers.
Supervisors / Service Engineers: 5 pers

Engineering / Project Management: 6 pers.

20 Project managers

In-house facilities
Engineering department
Machine shop
Welding shop
Hydraulic workshop
Electrical workshop
Automation workshop
Valve and actuator workshop
Electro-Mechanical workshop