Heavy Loader System

Loading and unloading of equipment

Modern navy vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions in peacetime and in wartime. Many missions require loading/unloading as well as launch and recovery operations of heavy equipment such as vehicles, crafts and other mission equipment.

Flexible plug-and-play solution

SH Defence has developed this stern-mounted A-frame with a design that requires limited deck space only. It can be installed on an open or a sheltered deck, and is a flexible solution for loading/unloading and launch and recovery operations over the stern.

The loader is placed on rails, allowing it to travel horizontally over the stern of the vessel. The hoist system is installed on a movable trolley placed between the lifting beams. These features provide great reach in a reasonably compact structure.

The loader comes with an integrated HPU, so the only connection needed for this system to be fully operational is electric power supply from the vessel.

Reliable and safe operation

When working with heavy equipment, safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, the loader is provided with locks to secure its position during launch operations and when it is in the stowed position. The hoist is also provided with failsafe brakes in case of power failure. The three certified hang-off points for overboarding sheave enable towing or lifting operations using an external winch system.

Local and remote control is included, and a remotely operated release system could be added as an option.

Designed to the highest standards

The Heavy Loader from SH Defence is designed according to DNV GL ST-0378 Offshore and platform lifting appliances and complies with the SOLAS Convention.