Launch & Recovery Systems for Inspection vessels

LARS systems for deep sea research equipment mounted on naval inspection vessel for artic use (design temperature is -30°C to +40°C). The shown LARS System consists of two hydraulic winches, and one A-Frame with a hydrulic extension boom to deploy and recover scientific instrumentation.

Our custom made LARS systems support all types of equipment for studying the sediment or the ocean circulation, taking water samplings or when doing CTD/rosette operations for measuring conductivity, temperature or depth.

Launch & Recovery Systems for Research vessels

SH Defence Launch & Recovery Systems combines the best from our A-Frames, winches and software into complete, reliable and easy to operate, systems. The systems are in operation on navy research vessels around the world and assist scientists in mapping, and discovering marine life on the sea bed.

SH Defence has got a wide range of winches for
ROV´s and research equipment

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