Design and production of custom-made Handling equipment and Cube™ Mission modules for Coast guard, SAR and Navy vessels

We make things move!

Our complex mechanical machines and systems, built from the ground up, help move people and equipment deep below the waterline, across waters and borders, and above the ground.

Strong R&D

We love challenges and find pride in being able to solve even the most difficult tasks. Making the impossible possible and finding innovative ideas where there are no solutions today.

The Cube™ System

Changing the game at sea

The Cube™ is the future in Maritime mission modularity. Turn (almost) any platform into a future-proof multi-mission capability using 150+ interchangeable modules for all four dimensions of modern warfare.

About SH Defence

SH Defence originates from three decades of turnkey equipment and service solutions to various national navies, delivered by the central organisation SH Group A/S.

Founded in 1974, SH Defence has always been compliant with the security regulations in force. The main company, SH Group A/S, currently employs about 500 employees at its headquarters in Denmark, where ALL research and development, engineering, production, assembly and testing are carried out.