Interchangeable mission modules
for Air, Surface and Subsea capabilities.

The Cube™ is a modular system developed to host and deploy equipment. All modules use the footprint of shipping containers and are loaded into the side of platforms with mission bays.

Why is this smart?

Because with The Cube™ System, any Navy can turn (almost) any platform into a future-proof multi-mission capability.

The Cube™ System is two things:
It is plug-and-play mission modules for air, surface, and subsea domains run from a Cube™ Ready platform.

It is an Ecosystem to quickly handle and move Cube™ mission modules on deck, inside the hangar or replace existing modules in the mission bay.

Example 1.

Mine laying module with one or more storage modules connected.
Capable of handling all known brands of sea mines.

Example 2.

Minehunting module – C2 container with a launch and recovery system, an AUV with a multi-sensor platform and a mine disposal system.

Selected module suppliers

Selected shipyards and designers