Cargo Crane

Guerra MC 1200.55A6 cargo crane installed on a Cube™ Engineered Frame. Fits in a 20’ mission bay.

The Cube™ – revolutionising vessel conversion

SH Defence has developed The Cube™ to significantly reduce the time and money spent on reconfiguring navy vessels between missions. The Cube™ is a flexible system consisting of modules with standardised connection interfaces that can be loaded into Cube-ready 20’ and 40’ mission bays and seafastened using the Automatic Twist Lock System developed by SH Defence. With the Cube™ you can prepare your vessel for a new mission in less than 4 hours.

A strong foundation for your crane

The Cube™ Engineered Frame provides a strong and safe foundation for your cargo crane. In this case we have chosen a MC 1200.55A6 Guerra hydraulic marine crane manufactured by Industrias Guerra S.A. The crane is built according to UNE-EN 13001 class HC2/HD4-S2. For more information on the crane, please refer Industrias Guerra’s