Cargo Lift System

Easy deployment of equipment is key

Whether in peacetime or in wartime, easy deployment of equipment is critical in any naval mission. SH Defence has developed a cargo lift that is ultracompact but still immensely effective.

Small, yet powerful

The footprint of the Ultra-compact Cargo Lift is very limited, so it takes up very little space. No external winches are required, the lift is complete with all functionalities built into its slim platform. The lifting system consists of two jigger winches with two wires each, ensuring complete redundancy of the lifting system.

When we say it is ultra-compact, it really is: The platform only needs 600 mm of space under the lowest level to be stowed. The cargo lift is ready for helideck integration. It has a water/fuel tight SH Defence Deck Hatch Cover at the top level, which is provided with an integrated draining system that can easily be flushed.

Extremely reliable and safe cargo-only lift

This cargo-only lift is provided with a fully redundant system in terms of wires and hydraulics. Loads from one side only but operated from the control panels with push-buttons and control lamps mounted on each deck. As the cargo lift moves up and down, the Siemens PLC S7-1500 ensures that hydraulically operated hatch covers open/close in time with the lift functionality, thus constituting safety barriers between decks to prevent fall hazards.

The hatch covers between decks are locked by means of hydraulic cleats integrated in the cargo lift platform. Collision sensors are installed on all decks and connected to the control system through failsafe logic with manual override capability.