Missile Containerized System

Cube-ready plug-and-play solution

Missile systems installed in standard shipping containers offer highly mobile weapons systems. With The Cube™ Multi-Mission Modules, SH Defence takes this technology to the next level, offering a Cubeready plug-and-play container missile system.

The system is installed in a 20’ standard container, which can be loaded into any Cube™-ready mission bay and connected to the standard connection cabinet CubedIn™. The Container Missile System comes with an interface to the CMS and is provided with hydraulic input, which can be connected to the SH Defence Deck Hatch Cover HPU, enabling hydraulic actuation of the missile cradle to firing position.

The container is provided without top, which means that a SH Defence Deck Hatch Cover is required to protect the missile system from weather impact. The SH Defence Deck Hatch Cover, however, also ensures that it is easy to access and deploy the missile system. See the relevant product sheet for further information on the Deck Hatch Cover or contact SH Defence (see contact details below).

Safety first

The Container Missile System Cube™ is equipped with a strong door designed to resist the recoil from firing the missiles. The CMS is provided with sensor input from the container to ensure that the door is locked and secured before missiles are launched.