Launch & Recovery Systems

SH Defence Launch and Recovery systems for  ROVs, AUVs, oceanographic equipment and heavy payloads.

In times of seabed and hybrid warfare, aiming to disrupt and disable critical infrastructure, it is essential to know what is happening on the seabed.

Being part of SH Group, SH Defence has one of the most diverse solution portfolios in the commercial and defence market, with hundreds of custom-made systems working worldwide.

Our often complex solutions and systems are built from the ground up and usually consist of hangar doors, A-frames, winches and software combined into reliable and easy-to-operate systems – Equipment working under the most demanding requirements and conditions.

The custom-made systems we design, manufacture, and test come in all sizes and configurations, supporting the desired innovative subsea solutions that navies seek.

Our Launch and Recovery Systems are part of our Cube™ System, on-demand, and can be made interchangeable between vessels with easy maintenance and upgrades in mind. Use the equipment while underway on one mission, return to port, and put it ashore, after which a new Cube™ module with a new mission profile is installed.

Repair of installations

Rescue operations

20ft A-Frame with two 10ft hydraulic winches 4.000 m.

A-Frame for XXL module handling. SWL 35T Outreach 9m.

LARS with extensive outreach for heavy payloads

Launch and Recovery System for WROV handling