Launch and Recovery Equipment as part of
The Cube™ Mission Module System

The ability to deploy and retrieve equipment from the sea surface or the seabed requires insight into the desired outcome and the conditions in which the equipment must work.

Being part of SH Group, SH Defence can draw on knowledge from the many Launch and Recovery Systems and Davit solutions we have designed for oil and gas primes, leading offshore wind installers and operational demanding navies.

Customers who operate daily under some of the world’s most harsh conditions, either around the icy and stormy Northern Hemisphere or deep and difficult to access areas such as the Gulf of Mexico.

When valuable assets go to the seabed or on the surface, or people are involved, the handling solution must work! Always! In any weather condition, 24/7. Weather windows are often short, and optimal conditions are few, the Launch and Recovery System and Davit solution has to be reliable, safe and easy to use – SH Defence and the companies we integrate into The Cube™ System deliver such systems.

drone baskets

AUV – Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
XLAUV – Extra-large autonomous underwater vehicle
USV – Unmanned Surface Vehicle
UUV – Unmanned underwater vehicle
ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle