Fast Interceptor Boat System

Complete Cube-ready launch and recovery system with integrated painter line for interceptor boat.

Fast and safe deployment of interceptor boat

Modern navy vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions in both peacetime and wartime. The SH Defence launch and recovery system (LARS) with integrated painter line is a versatile solution that can be used for the fast and safe deployment of a variety of boat types.

In this instance, the SH Defence LARS with integrated painter line is used in combination with an interceptor boat manufactured by Fassmer, enabling quick and safe deployment of crew for navy operations.

The LARS consists of a Cube™ Engineered Frame, a SH Defence davit crane with integrated painter line and a SFB 10.1 MK2 Rigid Inflatable Boat from Fassmer. The SH Defence launch and recovery system with integrated painter line is designed according to DNV GL ST-0378 Offshore and platform lifting appliances and complies with the SOLAS Convention.

Cube-ready, easy connection

The system is Cube™ ready and only requires a 40’ Cube™-ready mission bay including the fully automatic twist lock system and standard connection cabinet CubedIn™. The Cube™ Engineered Frame comes with compatible outlets allowing for easy connection to the mission bay connection cabinet CubedIn™.

Safe transport and controlled deployment

The interceptor boat is secured in a cradle and connected to the davit boom during voyage. At deployment of the interceptor boat, the vessel crew operates the davit from the mission bay control panel. The davit crane lifts the interceptor boat out of the cradle and starts lowering the boat down the side of the vessel. When the davit boom is clear of the mission bay and vessel hull, the end of the boom, to which the painter line is attached, is extended to provide optimum angling of the painter line for safe deployment of the interceptor boat when it reaches the water.

Cube™ Engineered Frame

The Cube™ Engineered Frame is provided with corners castings enabling secure sea fastening by means of the fully automatic twist-lock system developed by SH Defence. The frame is customised to withstand the loads introduced by the davit system. The surface of the Cube™ Engineered Frame is made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) grating, which provides a very strong and anti-slip surface.

SH Defence davit
The SH Defence davit is a compact system supplied with hydraulic pump unit (HPU) and hydraulic control panel (HCP) mounted on the frame. The hydraulic lowering of the davit structure reduces the height of the davit, and the base of the davit is embedded in the frame to reduce the structure height even further.

As an option, the system can be delivered in a NORSOK R-002 compliant setup, introducing gravity lowering with hydraulic braking. This eliminates wear on the system and enables use of stored mechanical power.

Interceptor boat

The interceptor boat is a Fassmer SFB 10.1 MK2 RIB. It is one of a variety of available models. For further information, please visit Fassmer’s website,