Mission Bay Door

Retractable gull-wing type mission bay door designed for all weather conditions.

Reliability and speed are key

High reliability, maximum clear opening and opening/closing speed are essential features when designing mission bay doors for multipurpose naval vessels. In the design of this gull-wing type mission bay door, the SH Defence engineering team has applied its many years of experience designing for naval vessels.

Even though this high-quality mission bay door would be the perfect solution for any naval vessel, it has been optimised for the Cube™ Multi-Mission Module concept invented by SH Defence to enable flexible and cost-efficient vessel conversion.

The Cube™ consists of modular equipment that fits the footprint of 20’ and 40’ containers, enabling reconfiguration of vessels in less than 4 hours. All you need to do is unload the Cube™ modules that are no longer required and load the modules that support the vessel’s next mission.

The mission bay door is available in two versions: one for 20’ mission bays and one for 40’ mission bays.

Easy access and deployment

The gull-wing design of the mission bay door ensures maximum loading clearance, enabling easy access to and deployment of Cubes™ and equipment stored in the mission bay. When closed, the door is 100% flush with the hull for minimum radar reflection.

The door is hydraulically operated and provided with weather protecting seals. Opening and closing times are approximately 1 minute.

Prepared for operation in cold temperatures

The door is locked using hydraulic cleats/batten system. To ensure safe and reliable operation of the door even in sub-zero temperatures, it is fitted with four ice breaker units in the form of push-out cylinders on the inside of the door.


The fully integrated control system is provided with a failsafe logic controller with manual override capability. Hydraulic power unit (HPU) for operation of the mission bay door can be supplied as an option.