Skidding System

Skidding system on wheels with battery-driven tractor designed for handling of Cube™ Multi-Mission Modules.

The Cube™ Multi-Mission Modules

SH Defence has developed the multi-mission modules concept called The Cube™ to enable reconfiguration of naval vessels from one mission to another in less than 4 hours. All you need to make this happen is Cube™-ready mission bays and equipment installed in 20’ or 40’ Cubes™. We have already identified 120+ different mission modules, but with this system, the sky is the limit!

Easy and compact onboard skidding system on wheels

The SH Defence Skidding System with Tractor is ideal when you need to rearrange your Cubes™ on board the vessel.

The system consists of four separate bogie wheel units with a hydraulically operated lifting function that can lift and shift 20’ and 40’ Cubes™ weighing up to 10 MT. Two of the bogie wheel units are connected to the manoeuvring mechanism which is connected to the battery-driven tractor. The hydraulic lifting operation can be either manual or remote, and the battery-driven tractor is manually operated by the crew.

Secure and compact storage during sea voyage

The system is provided with a docking station for secure storage of all system components. The docking station footprint is very small and provides optimum and compact storage during sea voyage. The docking station is welded onto the deck.