STS/RAS System

DESMI Ro-Clean STS/RAS system installed in a Cube™ setup

The Cube™ – revolutionising vessel conversion

SH Defence has developed The Cube™ to significantly reduce the time and money spent on reconfiguring navy vessels between missions. The Cube™ is a system of modules with standardised connection interfaces that can be loaded into Cube™-ready 20’ and 40’ mission bays and seafastened using the Automatic Twist Lock System developed by SH Defence. With the Cube™ you can prepare your vessel for a new mission in less than 4 hours.

Building your Cube™

Basically, a Cube™ module consists of either a 20’ Base Frame or an Engineered Frame upon which equipment is installed. Frames can be supplied with a crash frame. The crash frame protects the equipment mounted on the frame, allows stacking of Cube™ modules and can be delivered with an integrated traverse crane capable of travelling between the modules in a Cube™. For more information on the 20’ Base Frame and the Engineered Frame, please see the relevant product sheets or contact SH Defence (see contact details below).

STS/RAS system

This STS/RAS System demonstrates the versatility of the Cube™ Multi-Mission Modules.

We have installed the DESMI Ro-Clean DES Helicopter Refuelling System in a Cube™ setup. The system consists of a fuel tank, two pump systems and a storage module. The equipment is mounted on four Cube™ 20’ Base Frames with crash frame and integrated traverse crane assembled into two Cube™ modules.

On top of the two bottom Cube™ modules, we have installed another two Cube™ modules consisting of four Cube™ 20’ Base Frames with integrated traverse crane. The
top Cubes™ are intended for storage and provide additional crane capacity for loading and unloading over the side of the vessel.

This STS/RAS System fits in a 40’ Cube™-ready mission bay.