Traves Crane

Integrated traverse crane capable of moving equipment from
one Cube™ module to another.

The Cube™ – revolutionising vessel conversion

SH Defence has developed The Cube™ to significantly reduce the time and money spent on reconfiguring navy vessels between missions. The Cube™ is a system of modules with standardised connection interfaces that can be loaded into Cube-ready 20’ and 40’ mission bays and seafastened using the Automatic Twist Lock System developed by SH Defence. With the Cube™ you can prepare your vessel for a new mission in less than 4 hours.

Building your Cube™

Basically, a Cube™ consists of either a 20’ Base Frame or an Engineered Frame upon which equipment is installed. Frames can be supplied with a crash frame. The crash frame protects the equipment mounted on the frame, allows stacking of Cube™ modules and can be delivered with an integrated traverse crane capable of travelling between the modules in a Cube™.

For example, one Cube™ module may function as a torpedo launcher while the neighbouring Cube™ module functions as torpedo storage with a traverse crane integrated in the crash frame. These modules are assembled into one Cube™ allowing the integrated traverse crane to travel between the two modules, delivering torpedoes from the storage to the torpedo launcher.

The unique design of the traverse crane makes it suitable for a large variety of other applications, for example, missile launcher and STS/RAS system. The crane is capable of carrying loads up to 500 kg.

Safe and reliable design

The design of the traverse crane complies with DNV GL ST-0377 for shipboard lifting appliances.