Side Probe Tow

Complete Cube-ready launch and recovery system for probes and
towed vehicles

Seamless deployment and recovery of hydrographic survey equipment

This Cube-ready launch and recovery system for probes and tow fish ensures reliable deployment of hydrographic survey equipment from the side of the vessel.

The system consists of a winch and an A-frame with a gripper installed on a 20’ CubeTM Engineered Frame. The 20’ CubeTM Engineered Frame is a plug-and-play structure compatible with the mission bay standard connection cabinet CubedInTM, allowing installation and easy connection in any 20’ Cube-ready mission bay.

The A-frame is mounted on a CubeTM Engineered Frame and by means of a hydraulic extension boom it extends over the side of the vessel lowering the hydrographic survey equipment down the side of the vessel for deployment and towing operation.

The A-frame is of non-welded aluminium, offering high strength, low weight and a reduced magnetic signature.

Autonomous operation

Winch and A-frame operation is automatically synchronised without operator intervention, ensuring that the rope length is perfectly aligned with the A-frame position at all times.

Versatile and customisable system

The system is very versatile and can be provided in many different configurations and sizes depending on the specific type of equipment to be deployed. The system can be delivered with hydraulic or electric winch according to customer preferences.

The length of the winch rope can be adjusted to fit the required mission and hydrographic equipment to be used as can the gripper.

The system can be supplied as a fully automatic or semiautomatic system, again depending on the mission at hand and customer preferences. If you want to know more about the possibilities and available options, please contact SH Defence.

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