Mobile Cube™ Side Loader

Flexible and cost-saving vessel conversion
Modern naval vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions and roles in both peacetime and wartime. Reconfiguring vessels for new missions can be both costly and time consuming. That is why SH Defence developed The Cube™.

The Cube™ is a flexible and cost-saving solution consisting of modular equipment with standardized interfaces enabling reconfiguration of vessels in less than 4 hours. All you need to do is unload the Cube™ modules that are no longer required and load the modules that support the vessel’s next mission.

Heavy lifting equipment moved to the quayside
The fast conversion is enabled with the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader, capable of loading and unloading Cube™ modules into and out of Cube™-ready mission bays along the vessel’s side, thus eliminating the need to install heavy lifting equipment in the vessel’s mission bays.

For mission bays to be Cube™-ready, they must have dedicated tracks for the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader roller beams and dedicated pockets for the loading beams along the front edge of the mission bay.

The mission bay must also be provided with a fully automatic twist-lock system for sea fastening of the Cube™ modules, a standardized connection cabinet CubedIn™ for all other interfaces, e.g. power, air, water, communication etc. and integrated hydraulic jacks for jacking up the Cube™ to allow the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader to retract or place its roller beams during loading and unloading.
No need for additional transport solutions
The self-contained, multi-functional Mobile Cube™ Side Loader can transport and lift mission-ready 20’ and 40’ Cube™ modules to 6 metres above quayside level and into the vessel’s Cube-ready mission bays.

The Mobile Cube™ Side Loader is fitted with four pairs of wheels with fail-safe spring-activated brakes. A diesel hydraulic pump unit (HPU) supplies power for the wheels and all other hydraulic functions.

Automatic positioning relative to vessel
The operator of the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader has a dedicated platform to stand on during driving and loading.

For correct placing of the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader relative to the vessel and vessel mission bay, the loader is provided with a laser distance measuring unit front and aft.

These assist in orientating the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader parallel to the vessel, and a camera helps center the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader in front of the mission bay.

Loading towers and loading beams are operated with a semi-automated control system. Guide pins ensure correct placing of Cube™ modules on the loader before the modules are lifted into the mission bay.

The Mobile Cube™ Side Loader loading beams must be secured in the pockets in the mission bay before the Cube™ module is loaded into the bay.

When the beams are secured in the pockets, the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader enters floating mode, which means that it automatically adapts to vessel movements, surge, roll and heave, during loading and unloading. Tilt monitoring is active in both drive and floating mode.

During maneuvering, flashing lamps and sounds alert personnel close to the loader that equipment is live and that there is a potential hazard.

Take it with you
The Mobile Cube™ Side Loader is equipped with cylinders and a telescopic frame, allowing the operator to reduce the length of the loader for shipping as a Cube™.

The reduced size is equal to two 40’ shipping containers side-by-side.

The Mobile Cube™ Side Loader can be lifted by means of a dedicated lifting yoke and a standard crane. The Mobile Cube™ Side Loader is equipped with container corners for sea fastening. The loader can only be shipped as top load.