Steering Gear

More than 40 years of experience

SH Defence is part of SH Group, which was established in 1974, representing four decades of experience delivering turnkey equipment and service solutions to various navies. Our extensive knowledge about hydraulics and the proven reliability of our systems make SH Defence the natural first choice for customers requesting standard and customised solutions for marine applications.

Our experienced engineering department is always ready to provide you with the most optimum solution based on your needs and technical specifications.

Durable and cost-effective

Steering gear failure during ship manoeuvring in harsh weather and strong currents can lead to extensive and costly damage to hull and port facilities. That is why the reliability and durability of steering gear are essential. SH Defence manufactures reliable and robust steering gears that require minimum maintenance to provide long-term operation at minimum cost.

Ensuring the manoeuvring capability of especially navy vessels can be of utmost importance, for example, in connection with oil recovery operations, humanitarian assistance and ship-to-ship operations. Our steering gear is a hydraulic double-piston type steering gear with a standard rudder angle range between 40° and -40°. The steering gear is powered by a fully redundant internal HPU system for optimum reliability.

Designed to the highest standards

Delivered with class approval and compliance to SOLAS and Marine Equipment Directive.