UAV Side Launch

Cube™-ready containerised UAV launch and recovery system with CMS interface.

Standard solution, versatile application

Unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs or drones – have become an important part of many naval operations. From search and rescue operations over detection of oil or chemical
spills to intelligence operations and extension of radio/telecom signals, the UAVs are an excellent tool capable of covering large areas.

SH Defence has developed a UAV Side Launch and Recovery System Cube™ consisting of a dock for multiple UAVs installed on a Cube™ 20’ Base Frame. A hydraulically
operated telescopic arm extends the UAV dock from the side of the vessel, allowing almost vertical launch and recovery of the UAVs.

Fits in a 20’ Cube™-ready mission bay

As with all other Cubes™, the UAV Side Launch and Recovery System has the footprint of a standard 20’ highcube container and comes with the standard connection interfaces that are compatible with the Cube™-ready mission bay standard connection cabinet CubedIn™ for plug-and-play charging and communication functionality.

The UAV Side Launch and Recovery System also comes with an interface to the CMS.

The open base frame structure provides easy access to service and maintenance of docks and UAVs from the mission bay.