Cube™ Engineered Frame

Custom frame for mounting of complex mission equipment.

A strong foundation for your Cube™ Module
The Cube™ Engineered Frame provides a strong and safe foundation for any mission payload that is either too heavy, too large or too complex to be mounted on the Cube™ 20’ Base Frame. The frame is provided with ISO corner castings enabling secure sea fastening by means of the fully automatic, retractable twist-lock system developed by SH Defence.

The frame is customised to withstand the forces introduced by the equipment to be mounted on the frame. The surface of the Cube™ Engineered Frame is made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) grating, which provides a very strong and anti-slip surface.

The Cube™ Engineered Frame can be delivered with a crash frame and tarpaulin as an option.

The standardised design offers plug-and-play functionality
Even though the frame is customised to the mission equipment, it is always compatible with the Cube™ concept: It fits in standard 20’ or 40’ Cube™-ready mission bays, can be sea fastened using the fully automatic, retractable twist lock system and can be loaded and unloaded using the hydraulic jacks fitted in the mission bay in combination with either the Cube™ Mobile Side Loader or the Cube™ Mobile Stern Loader.

The Cube™ Engineered Frame is a plug-and-play structure provided with standard connections compatible with the mission bay standard connection cabinet CubedIn™.

Designed to the highest standards
The Cube™ Engineered Frame is designed according to DNV GL ST-0378 for offshore and platform lifting appliances.

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