Cube Flex Frame 20′

Adaptor frame to turn standard 20’ shipping containers into Cube™

Flexible and cost-effective vessel conversion

Modern naval vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions and roles in both peacetime and wartime. Reconfiguring vessels for new missions can be both costly and time consuming. That is why SH Defence developed The Cube™.

The Cube™ is a flexible and cost-saving solution consisting of modular equipment with standardized interfaces enabling reconfiguration of vessels in less than 4 hours. All you need to do is unload the Cube™ modules that are no longer required and load the modules that support the vessel’s next mission.

Turning standard containers into Cube™

The purpose of the Cube™ 20’ Flex Frame is to convert standard 20’ shipping containers into Cube™ – ready high-cube containers that can be loaded and unloaded using the Mobile Cube™ Side Loader or the Mobile Cube™ Stern Loader.

The 20’ Flex Frame is a flexible welded steel structure with container corners for lifting and sea fastening and with forklift pockets for empty handling. The flex frames can be assembled two and two, side-by-side by means of the included bolts stored in the frame during transport, eliminating the need for additional storage of bolts.

Empty flex frames can be stacked up to eight high for easy transport by ship, train or truck.

Type-approved design

The flex frames are designed and type-approved according to DNV GL ST-0378 for offshore and platform lifting appliances. They also conform to ISO 668 and are delivered with a CSC certificate for shipping.