Mine Laying

A low-cost but very effective capability is making a comeback among navies worldwide. Mobilize rapid protection and control of sea lines of communication and deny enemy access to strategic ports and coastlines. The Cube™ Mine laying and Mine storage system provides an effective method for storing and transporting mines on land or sea. Loading from [...]

Launch and Recovery Cube module

Launch and Recovery Equipment as part of The Cube™ Mission Module System The ability to deploy and retrieve equipment from the sea surface or the seabed requires insight into the desired outcome and the conditions in which the equipment must work. Being part of SH Group, SH Defence can draw on knowledge from the many [...]

Launch and Recovery

Launch & Recovery Systems SH Defence Launch and Recovery systems for  ROVs, AUVs, oceanographic equipment and heavy payloads. In times of seabed and hybrid warfare, aiming to disrupt and disable critical infrastructure, it is essential to know what is happening on the seabed. Being part of SH Group, SH Defence has one of the most [...]

Stern door with Boat cradle

Stern door with Boat cradle Stern door SH Defence hydraulic mission bay doors are customized to fit any requirements. The door and all mechanical parts are made of seawater resistant material. The door itself is made in either steel, aluminium, bulletproof- or lightweight composite (lightweight armour plating based on sophisticated fibre composites), protecting personnel and [...]

Mission Bay Door

Mission Bay Door Retractable gull-wing type mission bay door designed for all weather conditions. Reliability and speed are key High reliability, maximum clear opening and opening/closing speed are essential features when designing mission bay doors for multipurpose naval vessels. In the design of this gull-wing type mission bay door, the SH Defence engineering team has [...]

Telescopic Crane

Telescopic Crane Compact, yet powerful crane for cargo handling Being able to load and unload cargo and provisions without harbour crane dependency is important for any vessel with quick turnaround times. With the Telescopic Jib Crane from SH Defence you get a highend, compact cargo crane solution with lifting fork designed to handle standard Euro [...]

Steering Gear

Steering Gear More than 40 years of experience SH Defence is part of SH Group, which was established in 1974, representing four decades of experience delivering turnkey equipment and service solutions to various navies. Our extensive knowledge about hydraulics and the proven reliability of our systems make SH Defence the natural first choice for customers [...]

Heavy Loader

Heavy Loader System Loading and unloading of equipment Modern navy vessels must be capable of carrying out different missions in peacetime and in wartime. Many missions require loading/unloading as well as launch and recovery operations of heavy equipment such as vehicles, crafts and other mission equipment. Flexible plug-and-play solution SH Defence has developed this stern-mounted [...]

Deck Hatch Cover

Deck Hatch Cover Reliable and strong protection of equipment Equipment stored in mission bays directly below deck is often of mission-critical nature, making demands on the hatch cover to protect the valuable equipment underneath while being fast-acting to allow for fast and safe access to and deployment of the equipment. SH Defence has applied its [...]

Cargo Lift

Cargo Lift System Easy deployment of equipment is key Whether in peacetime or in wartime, easy deployment of equipment is critical in any naval mission. SH Defence has developed a cargo lift that is ultracompact but still immensely effective. Small, yet powerful The footprint of the Ultra-compact Cargo Lift is very limited, so it takes [...]